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Moving to Switzerland

Switzerland is an ideal destination for relocating people’s residence or company headquarters.


There are several aspects to be evaluated in case you wish to transfer your residence to Switzerland, and in particular to the Canton of Ticino. Find out more in our information guide.

Transfer of

Even in the case of the transfer of a company, various aspects must be carefully evaluated, in particular legal, accounting, and tax aspects. Find out more in our information guide.


Why move to Switzerland?

There are many reasons why Switzerland, and more specifically the Canton of Ticino, is attracting more and more people to take up residence there, and for whom migrating is seen as a concrete opportunity to be considered.

Some advantages include, for example:

The typical relocation process

Why is the role of the relocation consultant important?

Gruppo Multi provides valuable support and assistance to help clients relocate efficiently, simplifying the process and providing personalised and qualified assistance.

Services offered:

Transfer of

Relocation of a company or establishment of a new entity in Switzerland

In business relocation, it is important to assess whether it is preferable to relocate an existing company or to establish a new company from scratch within the Swiss Confederation.

Global competitiveness

Switzerland has always been at the top of world competitiveness rankings. It has long been a winning country in terms of competitiveness, innovation and stability.

Accounting and taxes

Accounting principles in Switzerland are simple and straightforward. Accounts must be kept in an orderly manner to record the transactions and circumstances necessary to present the assets, financial situation and income of an entity.

Swiss law requires that financial statements be prepared annually in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and meet certain key criteria, such as completeness and clarity, as well as minimum content to increase transparency.

Switzerland is very well positioned in terms of corporate taxation, having a profit tax rate very close to the global OECD minimum rate of 15%.

Value Added Tax is also among the lowest in the world, being currently set at 7.7%.

As of 2020, the tax reform has introduced several measures aimed at making Switzerland even more attractive by encouraging the establishment of high value-added activities.

Business-university cooperation in Switzerland

Companies operating in Switzerland enjoy a competitive advantage thanks to the presence of top universities and training schools. Indeed, many companies collaborate closely with such institutions to train highly qualified personnel and develop innovative projects.

Why is the role of the relocation consultant important?

Gruppo Multi offers foreign companies wishing to relocate to Switzerland strategic consulting services such as market analysis, business plan preparation and tax simulations.

Services offered:

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