Business Model Innovation – Training

Do you want to learn how to innovate your company’s current business model? Take part in a Business Model Innovation Workshop or organise one in your company! During the workshop you will be able to create a common vision for your business model, understand the trends and innovations of your target market and learn the systematic approach and scientifically proven methodology of the St. Gallen Business Model Navigator.

BMI Workshop

The first step towards overturning the dominant logic is analysis of the current business model and brainstorming new ideas. For this purpose, Gruppo Multi and BMI Lab organise workshops that explain the St. Gallen Business Model Navigator methodology and present the key tools to enable the immediate start of innovation projects on a company’s business model.

Moderated and inspired by BMI Lab experts, participants will be able to analyse the current business model, conduct group brainstorming using BMI Pattern Cards and develop innovative business models.


We help you rethink and implement new business models through a systematic approach and a scientifically proven methodology: the St. Gallen Business Model Navigator.

BMI Maturity Check

Is your company ready for a business model innovation project?

BMI Lab has created a maturity test to better understand the corporate mindset and facilitate business model innovation A one-day workshop – or alternatively interviews – will determine the company’s strengths and weaknesses in innovation. Workshop outcomes allow us to understand the current situation and culture of the company and to recommend solutions tailored to the client.

BMI Launchpad

BMI Launchpad enables a company to bring new business models to the market. Based on the proven St. Gallen Business Model Navigator methodology, we support companies from conception to implementation of new business models within six months.

Through an interdisciplinary team of company managers and employees and BMI Lab experts, we provide guidance, moderation and skills to test and adapt your business model. Furthermore, our vast network of partners enables us to integrate the necessary resources and skills where necessary, e.g. for software design and development.


Working Paper – Business Model Navigator

Pattern Cards

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