Business Model Innovation

To maintain long-term competitiveness in today’s economy, businesses must develop innovative business models and skills. In an increasingly dynamic and complex market environment, creating mechanisms for product and process innovation alone is no longer sufficient.
Innovation and the adaptation of the business model to the surrounding environment is key to maintaining a competitive advantage.
In summer 2018, Gruppo Multi entered into a partnership with BMI Lab AG.
BMI Lab is spin-off of the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen (ITEM-HSG). BMI Lab and Gruppo Multi offer training to managers and employees and provide support to companies in all industries in developing and implementing innovative business models.

Start model innovation

Participants in our workshops will learn to develop innovative business models and to apply the St. Gallen Business Model Navigator methodology to their business model.

Implement innovation projects

Our experts support companies in the development, testing and implementation of innovations introduced by the business model.

Build an innovative corporate culture

We offer training to managers and employees of companies in all industries and we help businesses create an innovative corporate culture.

Overturn the dominant logic

Society may have changed, but the way many companies do business has not. New technologies and new ways of interacting have emerged, and customers are more demanding than ever However, most companies still work with outdated approaches and methodologies.
Our goal is to overturn the dominant logic of businesses using methods and tools that can foster creativity and new ideas.

BMI Lab methodology

The BMI Lab is a constantly evolving entity whose primary purpose is to question the status quo and overturn the dominant logic of thought within industries. The development, testing and implementation of new methods to innovate your business model is the core function of BMI Lab.

In researching and examining 250 business models implemented in different industries over the past 25 years, Prof. Gassmann, Prof. Frankenberger and Prof. Csik found that 90% of all new business models are a recombination of existing ideas, concepts and technologies.

The core of the methodology – the St. Gallen Business Model Navigator – consists in the application of 55+ innovative business models identified by the ITEM-HSG over the course of a five-year study. The BMI method has already been successfully implemented by a large number of companies and service providers, from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises.


Working Paper – Business Model Navigator

Pattern Cards

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